Derby School of Taekwondo

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Forms and Documents

Gradings and Syllabus

There are six coloured belts in Taekwon-Do. In order, these are; White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red and Black. In addition, there are intermediate stages between each belt. For example, when a white belt passes their first grading, they wear yellow tags on the end of the belt. Upon promotion at the next grading, a full yellow belt would be worn. This system continues up to Black Belt.

At Black Belt, the system is divided up into ‘Dans’ with the lowest being I Dan and the highest being IX Dan. The Derby School Instructor is currently a VI Dan International Instructor. The overall purpose of the colour belt and Dan grades is twofold. Firstly, it identifies the degree of skill and cultural education in Taekwon-Do that the individual has attained and secondly; it creates incentive whilst simultaneously preserving humility.

The required knowledge to grade to each of the coloured belt levels can be found below: